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Flavour Mix - 12 x 17g Packs



Introducing the GURUJI Flavour Mix! 

Experience the ultimate  GURUJI flavour tasting experience with our new Flavour Mix box. Discover all of our natural flavours at once. The GURUJI Flavour Mix box contains 12 packs:

  • 3 x SMOKY THAI Spices including chilli, pepper, ginger and paprika, give a tasty authentic and smoky flavour (3 x 17g packs)
  • 3 x SALT & CACAO We source the finest Cacao from Peru to create this lovely superfood snack. Guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth (3 x 17g packs) 
  • 3 x LIGHTLY SALTED Simply salted, with a sprinkle of herbs (rosemary & thyme), gives a satisfying choice when you just don't have time to think about it. Delicious as always (3 x 17g packs)
  • 3 x CHEESY VEGAN Nutritional yeast combined with paprika, and a touch of garlic and onion, give all the depth of a real cheese puff, just without the actual cheese (3 x 17g packs) 

    Sustainably grown in India and manufactured in the UK.

    Allergen information

    Free From all 14 declarable allergens as outlined by the FSA. May contain naturally occurring traces of lotus seed shells

    Who's GURUJI?

    Gurujis are spiritual leaders that help guide us on a path to a healthier lifestyle, but anyone that helps you along the way can be a Guruji to you

    Ethically sourced and sustainably farmed

    Our Lotus Seeds are harvested and popped by local dedicated workers before being shipped all the way to the UK so the top London Chef we teamed up with can create our distinctive and punchy flavours. 
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